Deborah R Ballard

Professional experience


Debbie Ballard is an IT Architect in Business Analytics and Systems in the Smarter Solutions Practice.
The practice is responsible for providing project management, business process management, integration services, and e-business solutions including extensive technical expertise with multi-platform middleware solutions, enterprise application integration, application design and development, and project methodologies. Debbie has most recently been working with organizations on Business Process Management - including BPM Advanced, ODM, SOA, WPS, WMB, ESB, SaaS, Lombardi, and IBM BPM solutions. Debbie is also experienced in Agile project management and technical leadership.

Debbie’s qualifications include experience within the IT Industry since 1978. Consulting background includes experience in the following industries: energy, distribution, insurance, banking and finance, telecommunications, and electronic media publishing and distribution. Debbie also has been a leader in the commercialization of the Internet, the World Wide Web, and Intranet technologies. Debbie is actively involved in Open Source technologies including Linux, clusters, and Cloud. Most recently, Debbie has been providing guidance and leadership in Business Process Management and Smarter Solutions.

Employer History

02/1999 - To date

IBM Global Services, United States of America

Sr IT Architect

Consulted for Clients, established requirements, and planned solutions. Led engagements, including Project Management, coordinated of IBM, Client, and 3rd party resources.
Debbie is a solid Enterprise Architect with a strong record of integration assignments using Business Process Manager Advanced Edition, Integration Bus, WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere Process Server, and WebSphere Application Server. Debbie is very effective at dealing with complex environments where the solution presents unusual challenges.

Technical Lead for Implementation – turning Design into Implemented reality. Often brought in as “Fire Fighter” – getting projects back on schedule or meeting aggressive deadlines. Provides mentoring and support for Open Source and Linux to Clients and fellow practitioners. Business to Business Integration between a manufacturer and many of it’s customers. Engagements included Business to Business, geographic, and Inter-division integration solutions. Designed and led the implementation of remote operations and management subsystems. Engagements ranged from 2 weeks to 2 years to provide implementation strategy, support for follow-up provided by other members of the team, and full life-cycle support from initial solution design to production roll-out and post-production support.

Coordinated Windows, Unix, MQ, Security, Network, Websphere, and Mainframe teams. Implemented solutions, mentored, coached, and trained others within Client and IBM staff. Integrated systems using Middleware, including MQSeries, MQSI, CORBA, XML, and EJB. Provided for large multiple organization solutions. Part of the Websphere Business Integrator services offering development team. Part of the MQSFSE IGS Offering development team. Lead early deployments of Websphere Business Integrator for B2B environments. Debbie has also pioneered technologies to support effective off-shore development and support teams. Debbie has also implemented project accelerators based on Open Source technologies which improve the productivity of the implementation and testing teams. Debbie has also integrated Tivoli Security solutions including IBM Tivoli Directory Services, IBM Tivoli Access Manager, IBM Tivoli Identity Manager, and IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator with IBM WebSphere, WebSphere Portal, and IBM WebSphere Business Integrator, including Message Broker, Interchange Server, and Process Orchestrator.

09/1997 - 02/1999

Prudential Insurance, United States of America

IT Architect & Technology Evangelist

Corporate Information Technology division in support of all other divisions including Banking, Securities, Real Estate, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Mutual Funds, and Compliance Management. Introduced new technologies including CORBA, DCOM, Linux, ActiveX, Java Beans, and RMI. Was accountable for overall connectivity of 100,000 workstations, several thousand servers. Wrote proposals, reviews, participated in standards committees, and made presentations to committees and management. Identified and implemented emerging technologies, evaluation of vendor proposals, architectural analysis of proposals. Cost/Benefit analysis (ROI, ROE, TCO, Risk Analysis), including identification of competing technologies. Provide both tactical and strategic recommendations and guide their implementation.

01/1997 - 09/1997

Large Consulting Firm - National Practice

IT Architect and Consultant

Member of the Center for Systems Architecture. Performance Engineering team on a series of benchmarking and performance enhancement assignments. Houston, San Francisco, Rochester New York, Boston, and New Jersey. Led team for performance tuning of Web Servers for E-Commerce, Switching Systems for PDA/data collection systems, and Financial Services functions. Assignments range from 2-8 weeks in duration. Developed tools and sales-kits to support promoting the practice.

05/1995 - 11/1996

Major Publisher, Financial Wire Services

Director of Electronic Distribution

Led using hands-on project management and overall responsibility for distribution of all electronic products. Products included MarketScope, Stock Reports, feeds to numerous wire services and custom databases. Wrote specifications and utilities for these functions. Trained operations team in Internet technologies, including security, routing, and operations. Coordinated efforts with Clients and Vendors. Initiated Transition to Internet and World Wide Web. Coached other divisions in Internet adoption. Trained Network Administrators for transition from DECNet and BSC-3270 to TCP/IP and T1 Frame Relay

01/1993 - 05/1995

Dow Jones Information Services, United States of America

Alliance Developer Program Manager

Responsible for developing new distribution strategies including; Publish and Subscribe news feeds. Mainstream Satellite and FM distribution. CD-ROM distribution. X.25 multicast news feeds. Led the effort to put the first national brand publisher on the Internet. Introduced Web to management and staff. Provide support for new product development. Eventually managed 25 concurrent projects. Introduced Winsock, Trumpet (Winsock Implementation), Cello, Mosaic, and Netscape.
Created the foundation for Wall Street Journal Interactive.

11/1991 - 12/1992

Consulting for IBM Boulder, Softtronics, IBM Kingston, United States of America

Unix, X11, and Internet Consultant

Consulted for IBM and other client companies on projects focused on the commercialization of Open Systems and Open Source technology including the Internet. Projects included development of Remote Procedure Calls and multi-platform hierarchical storage management, adoption of Open Source Software and Software Reuse Strategies by IBM, and implementation of X11/R4 on IBM ESA Mainframes (groundwork for OS/390). Led development of “Internet For the Rest Of Us” package, including discussions, which led to Lynx, Opera, and Cello HTML browsers (predecessors of Mosaic and Netscape).

02/1990 - 11/1992

Great West Life Assurance Company, United States of America

Senior Technical Specialist / IT Architect

Responsible for technical infrastructure and architecture of 5 divisions, 100 Sun Workstations and Windows Personal Computers, 50 UNIX servers and 5 mainframes. Lead Development of system integration facilities. Recommended, Promoted, and Established Enterprise IT Standards.

11/1987 - 12/1989

Federal Express aka FEDEX, United States of America

Senior Programmer Analyst

Led the effort to make the “SuperTracker” (predecessor to PDAs) reliable and fault tolerant. Helped to design and implement strategic information systems that made it possible to predict and manage resource allocation in real-time (predecessor to Supply Chain Management). Contributions to my teams ultimately led to savings of $2 million/day. Led comprehensive evaluation of LAN/WAN strategies to integrate Mainframes, Minicomputer Servers, Workstations, and Personal Computers. Team efforts led to Malcolm Baldridge award.
Awarded 3 Bravo Zulus, including 1 personal, and 2 team awards.

07/1982 - 11/1987

Computer Concoles Inc (now Northern Telecom), United States of America

Senior Software Engineer

Performed analysis, design, implementation, testing, support, and integration of directory assistance systems on proprietary systems based on IMS and on Open Systems based on UNIX and Intranet technology. Developed databases, operating systems, and applications for clusters of distributed processing systems of up to 1000 CPUs in fault tolerant (99.997% uptime) configurations. This work led to many of the standards now used on the Internet and Intranet. Part of a “special forces” unit dedicated to quickly resolving breakdowns resulting from capacities that doubled every 6 months.

Assignment History

01/2015 - To date

6 months

EY (fka Ernst & Young)

ATM PE/RE Tax Space

Project Description: As an Infrastructure Architect, Debbie was responsible for identifying the technical and non-functional requirements for the project and work with the IBM Cloud Services organizations to design and implement a solution that would enable a quick entry at a lower cost, with the ability to scale to roughly 100 times the load and performance over the next 5 years.

The solution included both BPM Advanced and DB2 and included review and evaluation of all Smarter Solutions options including Master Data Manager (MDM), Operational Decision Manager (ODM), and Netezza, to better optimize performance and flexibility.

04/2014 - 12/2014

9 months

Oncor Electric Delivery

Mainframe Migration Program - BPM Integration

Project Description: Oncor wanted to replace their legacy mainframe application with CC&B, IBM Business Process Manager Advanced Edition, Sterling Business Integrator, and Operational Decision Manager.

Led the effort to resolve defects in the existing BPM Advanced Edition, implementation as well as providing design change recommendations. Responsible for coordinating developer, tester, and management efforts.

Responsible for Triage and Root Cause Analysis on numerous defects, then coordinating the efforts to resolve the issues, defects, and changes to completion.

10/2013 - 03/2014

6 months


Meter Failure Analysis and Repair Tracking

Project Description: Lead Architect and technical lead for BPM project. The primary goals of this project were to create a business process that could be used to automate a complex process for reviewing leads that indicated possible meter failures, to help determine cause and remediation. In addition, the process would reduce the workload by automating the identification of false positives and duplicate leads.

Also responsible for training a team consisting of PECO employees, consultants, and managers in Business Process Management and it’s methodology, including BlueWorks Live, Testing methodology, and project management methodology.

This was also a first test of Agile methodology for this client, using Kanban approach. Tailored the the BPM methodology to better support tracking using Kanban.

01/2013 - 09/2013

9 months

State Farm Insurance

Legacy Migration of Customer Support Systems

Project Description: Objective was to develop a plan to implement roughly 44 integrations between the STG product and the various Enterprise Data Centers (DCs).
Implemented the plan, including a number of check-points to help effectively monitor progress.
Reviewed and supported the rest of the team in high level design, detail design, and infrastructure configuration, to support the desired integrations.

The initial focus of 44 integrations was primarily on batch interfaces to be integrated using Message Broker Toolkit. This provided the flexibility to support file to Web Service, Web Service to file, File to File, and Web Service to Web Service with minimal changes between adapters.

As lead architect, I also coached, mentored, supported, and empowered the other architects and specialists on the team as well as providing support, coaching, and guidance to IBM project management teams and providing communications to State Farm management, including updated plans, progress tracking, and issue tracking and reporting.

11/2012 - 01/2013

3 months

Major Soft Drink Distributor

Bid & Proposal - Legacy PICK/U2 Migration

Project Description: Bid and Proposal work - assess RMS application, implemented on PICK/U2/Universe, as well as current integrations to.NET, and identify ways to improve performance, stability, and better integration.

Provided a blueprint & solution to improve performance of both UI and Web Service performance substantially, as well as ways to more efficiently utilize existing resources by eliminating the need to create manually coded custom ad-hoc reports.

Lead architect on the project, Solution and approach was accepted, and first stage implementation was initiated as a result.

08/2012 - 10/2012

3 months

LL Bean

Sr Integration Consultant

Project Description: Provide documentation for staff and processes for an Integration Center of Excellence which included integration based on messages and services (WebSphere Message Broker) and governance (Web Services Registry and Repository) as well as ETL based integration using InfoSphere Information Server (IIS). Also worked with team and client to support implementation of the WebSphere Message Broker Accelerator pack provided by GBS.

02/2012 - 08/2012

7 months

Fannie Mae

Business Process Management & Integration

Project Description: Technical Lead and Lead Architect for multiple projects based on WebSphere Lombardi Edition BPM solutions, including integration with other back-end systems and services. Provided technical leadership as well as some project management functions including work breakdown, sprint backlog, scrum lists, and functioning as scrum master for both projects.
Led a team of 10 developers and interfaced with 4 IBM Business Process Analysts. Also interfaced with client organization including technical leads and project management leads. Established a collaboration model for Agile development using a combination of client interfacing team member, staff at the Michigan Delivery Center (MDC), and staff, analysts, and management in Washington DC, using a combination of real-time chats, screen sharing, and a shared repository, enabling the collaboration of an Agile team, with the savings of travel costs.

05/2011 - 02/2012

10 months

New York Life

BPM for WebSphere Portal OBA

Project Description: Lead initial BPM effort at New York Life Service Portal project. Led effort to integrate WebSphere Lombardi Edition with WebSphere portal within the New York Life Enterprise Security Infrastructure. This included several overlapping Agile projects using Lombardi Methodology with support for Methodology used by Portal. This included both inbound and outbound web services interfaces as well as other integration interfaces.

The Outside Business Activities (OBA) project was a more traditional WLE “Lombardi” style project using coaches and portal with a number of UI enhancements.

Also worked with NYL to build and mentor their support staff as well as help them develop a COE.

03/2011 - 05/2011

3 months


Procurement Systems

Project Description: rovide a solution for integrating IBM’s procurement systems, including integration with front-end user interfaces, IBM data warehouses, and SAP systems.

Led a team of specialists working on WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) and integrating to the various back-end systems.

01/2011 - 03/2011

3 months

Garden and Tractor Equipment Manufacturer

Business Rules Proposals

Project Description: Review client requirements, as well as future plans and “Wish Lists” in terms of business rules and asses the ability of JRules, in combination with WebSphere Commerce Server, to help meet these special business rule requirements.
Garden and Tractor Equipment Manufacturer
Create a proposal, including presentations as well as a brief word document to support the appropriate Architectural Decisions documents and help the customer determine the cost/benefit of adding JRules to the already accepted WebSphere Commerce Server stack. This included providing some examples of how the clients business rules would be implemented using JRules and how they could be used by updating decision tables, Business Activity Language, and Decision Trees.

12/2010 - 01/2011

2 months


Managed Web Services

Project Description: Help Walmart and IBM team integrate external Walmart managed Web Services and other legacy services into the Lombardi Business Process Management system.

Primary responsibilities included initial requirements gathering and coordination, and high level solution design. Also responsible for providing the information required to complete detailed design.

07/2010 - 11/2010

5 months

Bid & Proposal Solutions

Bid & Proposals

Project Description: Participated on Bid and Proposal Solutions for

HealthNow - Proposal to for Modeler and WPS solution to help them streamline their Rate Letter negotiation process, coordinating both regulatory and business requirements, while still being responsive to the customer in a timely manner.

Caterpillar - Mining Equipment Monitoring System - using SCADA MQTT real-time data collection, business rules, statistical analysis, and business intelligence - worked with IBM Research (Watson Labs), Software Group, and Global Services to help create a proposal to introduce a new product to Caterpillar.

Sanofi Aventis - Diabetes Monitoring system using smart glucose meters, cell phones, process management, and business intelligence. The goal was to more pro-actively monitor glucose readings and meter usage, especially for patients at risk for complications.

IBM Software Service & Support - BPM Proposal based on Lombardi for Business Process Management to more effectively plan renewals, especially when deep discounts an new products, due for renewal would result in upset customers. Proposal would pro-actively alert sales and renewal service reps so that customer was comfortable with the new terms and renewal process.

03/2010 - 06/2010

4 months

NJ Courts

PDT Integration

Project Description: Create integration between hand-held PDT devices and IBM mainframes using Messasge Broker and Lotus Expiditer MQTT transport. This allowed reliable messaging from the PDT to the administration database, as well as the ability to search the mainframe for outstanding warrants, and the ability to send out alerts for such things as stolen vehicles.

09/2009 - 03/2010

7 months

QVC Cable Network & Web Sales

QVC Order Commerce Server Portal

Project Description: Responsible for configuring high performance clusters, message queues, WebSphere Message Broker, and back-end interfaces to support high availability and high reliability using MQ Clusters and HACMP Fail-over capabilities.

Worked closely with client teams as well as IBM teams, including support from Software Group to resolve issues and deliver an effective solution that met a variety of different needs depending on various business conditions.

Also supported both Commerce Server team and Message Broker team - assisting them in configuring virtual machines. Also helped them configure their laptops to use IBM’s Open Client Linux solution as the “Native” operating system to get better performance from Windows based Virtual machines used to connect to client network and systems.

06/2009 - 08/2009

3 months

Various Clients

Bib & Proposals

Project Description: Evaluated RFP and RFQ requests and worked with IBM teams to provide solution design and pricing, especially for the integration portion of the design. Solutions included solutions based on WebSphere Process Server, FileNet, and JRules, with Integrations to SAP

03/2009 - 04/2009

2 months

Federal Reserve Bank

Cash Processing modernization

Project Description: Analyzed the viability of the Standard Cash Application and related cash applications. Identified the risks and provided mitigation strategies. Provided plans that would extend of the viability to 2014 if necessary.
The bank intends to gradually replace these applications but wanted guidance in how to sustain them until the replacements could be rolled out into production.
Worked with another architect and project manager and client subject matter experts to help identify information, provide rapid analysis, and respond to feedback from the client’s team.

01/2009 - 03/2009

3 months

Moodys Financial Services

Report Distribution Integration

Project Description: Moodys wanted to provide web services to their clients and manage who had obtained which services, and be able to notify those clients when a rating had changed.

Provide support for Integration of FileNet and JRules using WebSphere Message Broker. This included working with specialists in both FileNet and JRules, including a great deal of “hands on” support, and even some strategic development effort.

WebSphere MQ was new to this client and in addition to the core integration effort, I was also asked to provide specialized training of the permanent support staff, preparing them to manage MQSeries, JNDI, and JMS configuration on Linux, AIX, and Windows servers. This included support for Development, QA, and Support systems, to the point where they were confident that they could manage the system on their own.

11/2008 - 12/2008

2 months


WebSphere Process Management & Integration

Project Description: Ericsson wanted to create a Next Generation Information System (NGIS) based on SOA, SOMA, and Virtualization, to replace their existing integration solution. This included a transition from SeeBeyond to WebSphere, including Message Broker, Enterprise Service Bus, Process Server and Services Repository and Registry.

My role was to interview the client, identify their actual needs, determine which products among IBM’s offerings would best fit those needs, and to formulate a plan to deploy this solution based on their current and planned infrastructure and IT Architecture. In addition to the plan, I was also responsible for identifying and documenting risks, assumptions, and key architectural decisions identified during the interview process. This plan included support for an International deployment team as well as transition to an offshore support team.

In addition to winning this bid, the ability to demonstrate a clear plan for this type of migration also resulted in the successful signing of a substantial support contract.

06/2008 - 11/2008

6 months

Al Inma Bank

Banking System Financial IT Architecture

Project Description: Provide leadership in developing architecture and infrastructure for a large banking system, including integration of solutions provided by several vendors providing industry specific solutions such as regulatory compliance, integration with ATM and Credit Card vendor networks, and exchanges (SWIFT, SAMA, SARIE, and FOREX).

Help management teams coordinate the efforts of these teams by providing up-to-date representations of the overall architectures and providing up to date gap analysis. Also helped to resolve overlaps and gaps as they were identified during high level and low level design phases.

Provide Infrastructure recommendations, sizing, and ordering information to provide optimal use of the available resources. This included infrastructure reccomendations for both IBM and non-IBM vendor products.

01/2008 - 06/2008

6 months

General Motors


Project Description: Designed and coordinated efforts to create and integrate a lead management system which helped capture leads from dealers, and manage those leads, and allocate incentives based on delivery. The goal was to turn more of the “Be Back” shoopers who might buy a different makers product, into a buying customer. This included leads generated via the Web, other Web vendors, dealerships, and the corporate call center.
This project required the integration of legacy systems, including Automotive Dealer (ADF) format, to an industry standard STARS SOA protocol using fully validated XML and SOAP transactions validated by DataPower. Transformations were generated in XSLT generated by Rational Software Architect and XML Spy.
Responsible for the infrastructure and system configuration details, as well as root cause analysis for defects during the testing phase.

10/2007 - 01/2008

4 months

California Department of Corrections

Bid & Proposals

Project Description: Coordinate with multiple vendors on the implementation of an SOA based solution to help coordinate and monitor health care in jails, prisons, and other correctional facilities.
Formulate hardware and core software requirements for the proposed solution, and coordinate the pricing and performance.
Though initially thinking in terms of P-Series, we were able to better match the requirements with a blade based solution, and were able to reduce the number of redundant components by using virtualization.

IBM won the bid.

09/2007 - 10/2007

2 months

National Australia Bank

NAB Farm Mortgage Processing

Project Description: Review business requirements, formulate architecture, document architecural choices, price reccomended architecture and alternate solutions.

Client signed contract, accepted architecture, and chose one af the alternate (lower initial cost) solutions.

Solution based on SOA (WebSphere and SaaS components, ECM (FileNet and DB2 Content Manager), and support for Information Integrator.

Bid was accepted

08/2007 - 09/2007

2 months

Federal Reserve Bank


Project Description: Project Description: Bid and Proposal for Architectural Review of BCS-3000 currency counting system, and it’s interfaces to the rest of the bank’s auditing and control systems.
Bid was accepted.

03/2006 - 07/2007

17 months

ViewPointe Check Image Exchange

ViewPoint Check Image Exchange

Project Description: Primary responsibility as Lead architect to create high performance archive using clusters of databases to achieves 7,000 transaction per second performance on a 1 petabyte archive used to exchange check images between banks in compliance with Check21 regulations. Architecture included integration with established Information On-Demand Database/Tape archive libraries to access long term storage. Access included interactive access via WebSphere on Linux and bulk access using C++ Objects on AIX.

09/2005 - 03/2006

7 months


B2B Audit and Enhancement Proposals

Project Description: Primary Responsibility was to audit the current B2B architecture, identify the available documentation, and organize it and summarize it in a manner that would allow an offshore team to quickly identify the application, identify errors and issues, and contact the appropriate support teams. Systems included in the audit included MQSeries, DB2, WebSphere, WebSphere Business Integrator, and Infrastructure including networks, server configuration, and SAN configuration.

11/2004 - 09/2005

11 months

Missouri Department of Transportation

Identity Management and SSO

Project Description: Primary Responsible for implementation of Portal security based on IBM Tivoli Directory Server, Access Manager, Identity Manager, and Directory Integrator. Provided support for MQSeries, DBA, AIX and Windows administration, provided accelerator tools to facilitate highly effective coordination between teams and team members, and provided mentoring in MQ, WebSphere, Portal, and LDAP for various team members. Project included coordination between multiple agency departments, multiple vendors, and multiple subcontractors.

07/2004 - 11/2004

5 months

Bloomberg Financial Services


Project Description: Primary responsibility was to train and support a team of developers creating a business oriented clustered solution for providing time-sensitive information to users and supporting reliable interactive support. This included support of the Portal Team, training and supporting teams to use MQSeries in multiplatform environment which included C, C++, Java, Solaris, Linux, Windows, and proprietary systems. Messaging systems were based on MQ including JMS and MQ-Base, along with XML parsers based on SAX2. This included distributed and coordinated updates of multiple distributed XA and direct (non-XA) systems.

03/2004 - 08/2004

6 months

US Federal Government Agency


Project Description: Details are Top Secret - generally:
Primary responsible for the generation of tools to generate the DDL, Extraction and Load, Integration, and other support tools as well as support, training. In addition, Often assumed responsibilities for AIX administration, MQ administration, Network Support, Security, and coordination of these teams.

Assist and coordinate the configuration, integration, validation, and testing of over 40 Windows and AIX servers, including both secure and classified systems in both Colorado Springs Colorado and Annapolis Junction Maryland. Facilitate connectivity between the two sites to minimize the administration staffing requirements at both sites and to improve coordination between user teams at both sites.

08/2003 - 03/2004

8 months

Zurich North America

P&C Claim Management & Integration

Project Description: Manage and coordinate the establishment of large-scale real-time offshore connectivity solutions. This includes providing teams in Bangalore India with the ability to interactively develop and test on Client development and target systems. This included development tools for WMQ, WMQI, DB2, and interactive shell access as well as interactive access to mainframe development systems. Due to the demands of both environments, the solution required detailed attention to security, network connectivity, availability, automated recovery, and minimal operator intervention. Costs also had to be kept to a minimum to maximize the benefits of offshore development and testing.

07/2001 - 08/2003

26 months


BTCIO Business to Business Integration

Project Description: Provided complete architectural review of a Business to Business solution, focusing primarily on the gateway technologies between the manufacturer and various client companies, provided recommendations for implementation, platforms, security, performance, and availability as well as enhanced remote administration and diagnostic capabilities to minimize travel requirements. Led implementation efforts and trained developers, client operators and administrators in technologies. Solution included MQSeries, SecureWay, LDAP, MQSI, Websphere, Partner Agreement Manager, Tivoli, DB2, and administration servers. Platforms included Windows NT, Windows 2000, AIX, and OS/390. Coordinated the efforts of up to 100 people in various locations including UK, NC, CT, CA, CO, Canada, and India.
Helped develop remote collaboration tools and techniques to manage the global teams.

04/2001 - 06/2001

3 months


Integration Strategy

Project Description: Review IT Architecture projects within the bank. Formulate an Integration strategy formulate a proposal.

02/2001 - 04/2001

3 months

Amica Insurance

Enterprise Integration

Project Description: Provided complete architectural review of several divisions and formulate an architecture to integrate the various divisions using combinations of MQSeries, MSQI, with some DCOM or CORBA to enable superior transactional integrity. Developed integration solutions and led performance enhancement efforts.

05/2000 - 12/2000

8 months


MQSI Enterprise Integration

Project Description: Provided architectural design for implementation of integration between Client Company and financial information provider. Solution involved a combination of CICS, CORBA, XML and MQSeries using Java RMI/IIOP, SAX, and DOM. Led the implementation of the solution and integration into the client enterprise environments. Coordinated with teams in NYC, Colorado, and Florida.

01/2000 - 04/2000

4 months

Quest Communications

IMS Legacy Integration

Project Description: Provided architectural review and proposal for integration of Telephone company systems including IMS and UNIX systems to an external web or MQSeries based interface for Pressler Act Compliance allowing other carriers to offer combined services.

06/1999 - 12/1999

7 months

Alaska Communications Company

Pressler Act Service Integration

Project Description: Provide complete architectural review of the customer service infrastructure and design architecture for providing secure integration of the two companies to comply with the Pressler Act. This allowed the both companies to sell both cable and phone service, and to request service from the other company without giving away marketing information. Used primarily MQSeries, C, Visual Basic, COBOL, and C++ including templates and tools from IBM including support packs and Intellectual Capital structured for reuse. Led the Implementation team including both IBM and Client resources. Trained client staff in operations, diagnostics, technical support, and security procedures.

04/1999 - 07/1999

4 months

CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield

Architecture Review - HIPPA

Project Description: Provide complete architectural review of health insurance, provide recommendations for integration and HIPPA compliance based on preliminary specifications based on MQSI. Implemented proof of concept and framework for implementation by IGS team.

02/1999 - 05/1999

4 months

AT&T Wireless

Enterprise Architecture Review

Project Description: Provide complete architectural review of supply chain including network, infrastructure, platforms, security, and middleware as well as applications. Formulate a recommendation for architectural enhancements, and a budget and schedule for implementation. Recommendation was accepted and successfully implemented by an IGS team. Tools used included MS-Office, Structured Interviewing, GS-Method tools, MQSeries, Windows NT, UNIX, PICK. Met with teams in Minniapolis MN, Seattle WA, Oklahoma City OK, and Dallas TX.

Key Skills

Debbie has most recently been doing work in Smarter Solutions, including
- Business Process Management
- IBM Business Process Manager Advanced Edition,
- WebSphere Lombardi Edition,
- BlueworksLive,
- Operational Decision Manager,
- Sterling Commerce Server
- Cloud

Debbie is also experienced in Agile methodologies customized to meet the needs of clients and reduce the need for collocation by using collaboration tools and shared repositories.

Debbie has functioned as an Architect in various roles, including
- Infrastructure Architect, Solution Architect, Integration Architect
- Project Management - Waterfall and Agile projects.
- WMB, WMQ, WESB, JMS, SOA, Java, Integration, B2B
- SQL, Database, Web Services, Data Analysis, some NoSQL
- Cloud, Clusters, Open Source, Linux, AIX, Unix.

Debbie is actively engaged in
- Business Process Management (BPM),
- SOA and integration solutions including WMB, WMQ
- Support for WCS.
- Cloud IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS solutions.
- Projects include integration and support for Cognos, FileNet, and JRules/ODM.

Debbie is a “Hands On” Enterprise/Solution Architect with hands-on experience in both breadth and depth across the industry and the ability to translate her experience into solutions for Corporate Enterprises and Government Agencies, on large-scale, high performance projects. Debbie also communicates well and effectively, both written and oral communications.

Key Courses and Training

Debbie has taken formal corporate courses in Project Management, Engagement Management, IT Architectures, Design methodologies, and numerous IT development products. Training in Unix, Database, Network, Windows, and mainframe, including programming, administration, and architecture.

Debbie also trains by regularly taking on “Stretch” assignments and taking on sub-projects which require self-training, additional skills, or pioneering of new technologies. The average is about 1000 hours/year since 1976, in addition to regular assigned tasks. This keeps Debbie pushing the envelope of technology and bringing new technologies to the corporate enterprise.

Debbie attends regular workshops on Smarter Process including the latest versions of BPM Advanced Edition, ODM, and SBI. Debbie is also a regular participant in IBM Connections support forums.



SELP, ILP, TMLP-I, TMLP-2, Wisdom Program in Leadership Training

Landmark Education Corporation, United States of America, 2011

Thesis Title: CEUs (200 CEUs) in Leadership Training Landmark Education, US - Community to Global leadership., 2011

Certified in Certified Master Architect

Object Managment Group, United States of America, 2001

Bachelors in Business, Performing Arts Management

Regis University fka Loretto Heights College, United States of America, 1978

IBM Certified Architect in Architect Certification

IBM, United States of America, 2001














Other relevant information


Debbie Lawrence (aka Rex Ballard aka Debbie Ballard): Debbie’s Secret Life - Living in Stealth as LGBT, in: Book, Amazon Publishing, 2011

as Rex Ballard: 8000 articles on commercialization of Linux and Open Source Software, in: Comp.os.linux.advocacy, comp.os.linux.*, Usenet News, Google Groups, 1996

Rex Ballard: Blogs and Internet/web history, in:, Web Site, 1996

as Rex Ballard: 7,000 articles on Internet Commercialization, in: Online Newpapers Mailing List, Online News Mailing List, E-mail - invitation only list of 8,000 publishers, 1992

Membership in professional organizations

International Executive Guild




American Registry of Outstanding Professionals


Madison Who’s Who

IT Professional of The year

Other job-related activities

Ham Radio Operator since 1968 (WA0WMY)

Sponsor and Speaker in 12 Step program - 34 years

Legal Name & Gender Change May 2014
Formerly Known As - Rexford E Ballard

Speaker and Blogger - Transgender Support Groups

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